John W. Jones Museum


After escaping slavery and settling in Elmira, NY, John W. Jones became a crucial part of the Underground Railroad and successfully helped 800 slaves find freedom. Later in his life, he also was largely involved in turning Woodlawn Cemetary, the burial place of Mark Twain along with with over 2,000 Confederate soldiers, into a National Cemetary. Today, his preserved farm house is an interactive museum honoring him and the rich history of Elmira.


In an effort to raise funds and awareness, the museum decided to host an event for the community to attend. The print materials designed for this event not only feature an inviting elegant style but also show the community the face of the man who made such a large impact on their history.


Below: Event Poster, Invitation, RSVP Card, Informative Stuffer, and Ticket

Fundraiser Poster
Fundraiser Invitation
Fundraiser RSVP Card
Fundraiser Information Envelope Insert
Fundraiser Ticket