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Imagine being told by your doctor that you can no longer eat most of your favorite foods. This of course includes beer. Sadly, this is true for over 2 million Americans with Celiac Disease, or Sprue as it is sometimes refered to. Although there are a few breweries out there making gluten free beer, they can be hard to find and simply do not provide a variety of flavors.


Well the makers of Sprue Brew say it's time for a change! By substituting out the wheat and isinglass ingredients, they not only create great beer for those with celiac disease, but vegans may also enjoy the great taste!


Sprue Brew is designed with an African theme since the wheat-substituting ingredient, sorghum, is naturally found in that region of the world. Each flavor of beer has an Adinkra symbol on its label that stands for an uplifting concept related to Celiac Disease and those that have it. Sprue Brew's trendy and nontraditional graphics in combination with an array of flavors make it a popular drink for everyone, even those without Celiac Disease. Suddenly, gluten free isn't so bad anymore.


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Photography by: Will Styer

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