Created by the Environmental Government Agency of Germany, this search database and web portal helps citizens learn about the kinds and amount of emissions that are released in the country. Originally known as the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR), it was given a new name and face to make it friendlier, cleaner, and easier for the public to use. After a complete rebrand, (pronounced true-dah) was ready to start monitoring pollution. features an owl in its logo since the favorable characteristics of owls, create a great metaphor for the brand. Owls are known for their vigilance, trustworthiness, knowledge, and the ability to see what we cannot. The owl also adds character and life to the agency in the attempt to make it friendlier and organic. The tagline, translated as "Make Emissions Visible", reinstates the purpose of the web portal and reminds manufacturers that their emissions will be made public for all to see.


Below: Naming, Logo, Identity, Website Design, Map Illustration, Icons, Bus Posters

Group Project: Wiebke Strehlitz (Germany) and Liuli Youxiang (China) logo typeface and colors home page map page bus poster 1 bus poster 2